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I am an Assistant Professor of public administration and management at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington Seattle. I am also a Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP). 

My research lies at the intersection of public management and administration, personnel management, and social equity. Broadly, I apply research that investigates organizational equity performance.


Public Management Research Association (PMRA) 

I was elected to join the Board of Directors for the PMRA and will officially start my four years term in July of 2023. 



Research award: the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), Section of Women in Public Administration (SWPA) recently awarded me the Dr. Rita Mae Kelly Distinguished Research Award, which recognizes outstanding research on gender related issues. 


Bishu, S.G. & Osei-Kojo, A. (forthcoming). A Gendered Interaction: Representative Bureaucracy and Public Health Service Delivery in Tanzania. Public Administration Review.

Bishu, S.G. & McCandless, S. (forthcoming). Tracing and Teaching Gender Across Core Public Affairs Curriculum. Journal of Public Affairs Education

Bishu, S.G., Sabharwal, M. & Reyes, R. (2022) Careers of women public managers: Career needs of women public managers across generations, Public Administration Review.

Bergh, K., Bishu, S.G. & Taddese, H.B. (2022). Identifying the determinants of patient satisfaction in the context of antenatal care in Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi using service provision assessment data. BMC Health Serv Res 22:764

McCandless, S., Bishu, S.G, Hernandez, M.G., Eraso, E.P., Sabharwal, M. Santis, E.L. and Yates, S. (2022). A long road: Patterns and prospects for social equity, diversity, and inclusion in public administration, Public Administration,100(1):129-148.


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